Windows 8 Store Not Working Or Loading?

Windows 8 has a lot in common with windows 7 except the startscreen tiles and the abundant windows 8 store apps. Since i was already using windows 7 i decided to upgrade my existing installation instead of making a fresh install. This saved me the hassle of setting everything up.

My computer successfully upgraded to windows 8 and i loved the new windows startscreen tiles but i noticed that the windows 8 app store not working. When the app store tile was clicked it just showed the windows 8 store icon and nothing happens, the microsoft store is not working at all.

If the windows 8 store is not working for you too then first make sure your internet connectivity is good, if still it doesnt open up then you will have to follow the solution below. Note that the windows 8 store loading problem arises only when you perform a windows 8 upgrade from previous version of windows.

Windows 8 Store Not Working & Loading Solution

After spending some time with the microsoft support the conclusion came out that it was the antivirus program due to which windows 8 store  is unable to open. The tech support representative said that this was a known issue with windows 8 and they are working on this windows 8 store loading problem which should be out soon.

In the meanwhile temporarily fixing windows 8 is easy, the quick solution is to uninstall the existing antivirus program from your computer and reinstall it. I was using the Kaspersky Internet Security 2013, so i completely uninstalled & installed it again and i was able to open windows 8 store. I can now browse & install apps from the windows 8 store.

  • Anirban

    Hey Thanks ……it is working now dear …………….

  • Marco Cacciatore

    my dad has the same problem
    he uninstalled norton, but it still doesn't work.
    do you know wheh the windows 8 store fix wil come out, or if it is already out?

  • Ubehage

    I have no antivirus installed. So that cannot be the issue…
    I tried every possible solution now. I'm using a newly-installed Win8, preinstalled on my laptop.

    As I see it, Microsoft has decided not to let the users enjoy Win8… Just like they did with Vista; although I must admit that Vista actually worked. And was in some cases, faster than Win8.

  • CDM

    This article is wrong, I have a new laptop and it will not open either. I didn’t upgrade the OS was already on the device and the store just hangs. Regardless of an upgrade or pre-installed Window 8 store hangs. SUCKS

    • techx64blog

      Your problem is the same but i guess something else is causing it, its about time microsoft should fix this bug.

  • Conor


    Bit new to the computer world – or a bit late maybe! But my store isn't opening also. If I uninstall my virus protection how do I re-install it? I ask this as I bought my computer with the anti-virus already installed on it. So I have no disk to re-install.

    Thanks in advance

    • techx64blog

      Hello Conor, you can always download the virus protection software you currently have from that company’s website and reinstall it, make sure you have the serial key for the antivirus or you will get only a trial version.

  • Jonathan

    That was it. Thanks pal.

  • jed

    i dont have an antivirus program except for the one built into windows,

  • William Murphy

    I have 3 computers with win 8. Until recently they all could access the store using the app but now two of them will not connect to the store. Tried several supposedly fixes but still won't work.