Add Windows 8 Shutdown Button On Desktop, Taskbar & StartScreen

The Windows 8 shutdown menu is smartly hidden by microsoft, i don’t know why microsoft did that but its very inconvenient to go through numerous steps before a user can shutdown, restart or log off from the computer. The missing windows 8 startmenu is inconvenient for many but you can also add windows 8 startmenu to taskbar and access it the regular way.

If you still dont know how to shutdown windows 8 then move you mouse to the lower right corner hotspot on the screen where the charms menu will show up, click settings and then click the power button to shutdown windows 8.

However you can eliminate this hassle and instead place a windows 8 shutdown button on desktop, as a startscreen tile or the taskbar and you will be able to shutdown your computer with one click.

Create a Windows 8 Shutdown button shortcut

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  • Go to Windows 8 desktop => Right Click => New => Shortcut. 
  • In the location box enter the command.
For shutdown enter the command below or copy paste it form here:
shutdown /s /t 0
Just in case if you want a restart button use the command below:
shutdown /r /t 0
  • Give your shortcut a name and click Finish. A shortcut will be placed on the desktop, but will have no icon, so we need to select an icon for the shortcut.
  • Right Click the shortcut, select properties, click change icon. An alert message will appear which is normal, click ok on that.
  • Now choose any icon from the library and click ok. Your Windows 8 shutdown shortcut button is ready.
  • Before you use the shutdown button make sure you save all your work, since it will not prompt you with any dialog box and shutdown windows 8 immediately.


Adding the Shutdown button to Windows 8 Startscreen & Taskbar

If you dont like your desktop cluttered with icons then you can also add the windows shutdown shortcut to taskbar and the startscreen ui. Simply right click the shutdown shortcut and select “Pin to Start” for adding it to windows 8 startscreen & “Pin to Start” for adding the shortcut to taskbar.

After adding the windows 8 shutdown button to both areas you may delete the desktop icon.

Another alternative to shutdown windows 8 is to press Alt + F4 key when you are on desktop. This will bring the shutdown box where you can select to shutdown computer, sleep or log off windows 8.

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