Best Windows 7 Gadgets for System Monitoring

Adding Windows 7 gadgets to your windows desktop not only makes your desktop look great but can also make your desktop an info center for various system hardware stats. Today we share with you some of the best windows 7 gadgets which are useful for system monitoring . These windows 7 gadgets will provide a user with all the valuable information required for system monitoring , it covers CPU stats, wireless network and lan network stats, battery stats, GPU stats and the Hard Drive stats.

The concept of windows gadgets was introduced in windows vista which had a sidebar to add windows gadgets, but the sidebar concept was dropped for windows 7 gadgets. In Windows 7 the desktop gadgets are free floating which means you can place the desktop gadgets anywhere on the desktop screen and take the advantage of the windows desktop space.

Top Windows 7 Gadgets to Monitor System Stats

CPU & Ram Monitoring Gadget

  • All CPU Meter Gadget

An excellent and one of the best windows 7 gadgets to monitor cpu and ram usage. The All CPU Meter gadget can display detailed stats about your cpu like the cpu clock speed, usage, number if cores and much more. It also shows the ram usage and the cpu and ram usage are also displayed via small graph in the gadget, if you click on the cpu icon then it will expand the gadget to display advanced values and stats about processor, OS, Bios and Motherboard.

All CPU Meter Gadget can display stats of a processor with upto 24 cores. CPU system monitoring gets easy with this simple desktop gadget for windows 7. To view the cpu core temperatures you require a tiny tool running in background “CoreTemp“, which provides the temperature stats to the gadget.

Download All CPU Meter Gadget

  • System Control A1 gadget

Another cool windows 7 gadget that monitors and displays the system uptime, current time, CPU utilization history and memory in use and it supports upto 8 Core CPU. It does not have many any settings to play with, but is simple and easy to use gadget.

Download System Control A1 Gadget

The above windows 7 gadgets provides all the info a user requires to monitor CPU & Ram usage. Choose system monitoring gadget which provides detailed stats or just get the simple one.

Network Monitoring Gadget

  • Network Meter

The Network Meter gadget does exactly what the name suggests, it is a network monitoring gadget which supports both Wireless Networks (Wi-Fi) and Wired Networks (LAN) and displays the network information like SSID, Signal strength, Internal IP address, External IP address, Upload/Download speeds, current/total data usage and a tiny graph which maps the current network usage speed.

The network meter gadget expands on clicking the icon which displays more advance information about the network connection, MAC address, DHCP, DNS etc. The only thing that might bother you is that you can select to display network stats of only one network, i.e Wifi or LAN.

Download Network Meter Gadget

  • Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor Gadget

Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor gadget for windows 7 is a cool gadget which looks like a radar, it can scan for wireless networks in the area and display details about the Wi-Fi and its signal strength. The available wireless access points are marked on the radar so that you can connect to the wifi network easily and manage your wireless adapter. Do note that it does not support wired networks. One of the eye catching windows 7 gadgets that will add appeal to your desktop.

Download Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor Gadget

GPU Monitoring Gadgets

There are many GPU monitoring gadgets for windows 7 which provide the gpu stats but require a background program to fetch the information from GPU, but below two gadgets run independently and display everything you need to keep a check on the GPU.

  • GPU Meter Gadget

If you are a gamer and overclock your GPU for maximum gaming performance then this is a must have gadget which lets you keep a close watch on your heating GPU. GPU Meter frequently monitors the GPU and displays information like GPU clock speed, memory clock speed, temperature, load usage, GPU fan speed etc.

GPU meter gadget supports Nvidia ( Series 7, 8, 9, 200, 300, 400) and ATI Series (HD 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, Catalyst 9.3 or above), make sure you have the latest graphic card drivers installed on your system.

Download GPU Meter

  • GPU Observer Gadget

Its comes among the popular windows 7 gadgets which displays the info about the Graphic Card like the temperature , fan speed, memory, ram, clock frequency etc and supports a wide range of video cards from Nvidia and ATI.

Download GPU Observer

Battery Monitoring Gadget

Windows 7 gadgets for battery monitoring of laptops and notebooks. Use these gadgets to make the best possible use of your battery and extend your laptops battery life.

  • Battery Meter

Battery Meter gadget displays advanced battery stats of your laptop/notebook which the default windows battery taskbar icon does not provide . It shows the Manufacture, Device Name, Unique ID, Serial Number, charge Percent Remaining, Time Remaining, Current Voltage, Charge Rate, Discharge Rate, Current Charge Capacity. Clicking the icon gives you advanced stats about the battery. Dont let your laptop battery die out.

Download Battery Meter

  • iPhone Battery Gadget

This is one of those favourite windows 7 gadgets that displays your laptop/notebooks battery status in a gadget which looks just like the iPhone battery. It has 6 skins to choose and the gadget can be resized in 3 sizes. I personally liked the duracell battery skin even though its a iPhone batttery gadget for windows 7.

Download iPhone Battery Gadget

Hard Drive Monitoring Gadgets

These windows 7 gadgets are useful to monitor hard drive usage and HDD activity.

  • Drives Meter gadget

Drives meter gadget displays the essential information about your hard drive like the free space, used space, total capacity, the read and write speeds and hard drive usage activity of upto 4 drives. The advanced details show up on expanding the gadget by clicking on the icon which shows the detailed HDD hardware specs. The hard drive activity is also mapped on a small graph on  the gadget.

Download Drive Meter Gadget

  • Drive Activity Gadget

Drive Activity is a hard drive activity monitor which displays the workload of the individual hard drives as a historic graph by which you can determine as to which drive is busy or idle and is affecting the performance of your system. You can also check the drive activity from the blinking led on your computer case but it wont tell your which particular drive is currently busy, this is where this windows 7 gadget proves useful.

Download Drive Activity Gadget

  • Drive Info Gadget

A nice windows 7 desktop gadget to monitor free space on the hard drive. Displays the drive usage bar just like you see it in “My Computer”, and you can choose to display local drives, removable drives, network drives and media drives. You can also customize gadget background and icon theme from options.

Download Drive Info Gadget

All the windows 7 gadgets are free to use and you wont need to install any other software or windows system stats utility to get the info. Browse more windows 7 gadgets for your desktop.

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