Use Google Chrome As Windows 8 App

google chromeDid you know you can relaunch google chrome into windows 8 mode?. If you really love the windows 8 apps and are quite use to the windows 8 startscreen then do try out google chrome in windows 8 mode.

There is actually no dedicated google chrome app for windows 8 therefore you wont find chrome on the windows 8 store. The desktop version of google chrome has this feature which allows user to use chrome as a windows 8 app.

[box type=”info”]Why use chrome as windows 8 app?[/box]

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  • The desktop and taskbar will be free and clean.
  • Its easy to work on other applications simultaneously. You can quickly switch between chrome running in windows 8 mode and another desktop application from the top left corner hotspot.
  • Multitasking while browsing gets easy.
  • You get extra space to view your webpage content.


[box type=”info”]Running Google Chrome in Windows 8 mode[/box]

Switching chrome to windows 8 mode is quite easy. Simply press the menu icon on chrome located in top right corner and select “Relaunch chrome in windows 8 mode” and then choose Google Chrome from the popup menu.

Remember that all the open tabs will be reopened on switching from chrome desktop mode to windows 8 mode and vice versa. So if you have some information that needs to be submitted or saved then do it before making the switch so that you dont loose anything.

Relaunch chrome windows 8 mode

windows 8 app google chrome
switch windows 8 apps

Wish to switch chrome back to default desktop application?, no problem at all, the proccess is same, press menu button and click on “relaunch chrome on the desktop”.

switch google chrome desktop mode win8

I prefer using google chrome windows 8 mode because allows me to take advantage of the full screen, so that i can simply focus on my web browsing session. Whether i am reading content or just checking my emails, it really feels better working on google chrome windows 8 app.

[box type=”info”]Multitasking with windows 8[/box]

An advantage i mentioned above is multitasking in windows 8 which allows you to use the desktop as a vertical partition for the desktop and windows 8 app. So lets say you need to work or look at two applications repeatedly, then you can do so by simply dragging the windows 8 app from the top to the right side bar and then switching to desktop with the windows start key or top left corner hotspot.

Then just click on the three dots seperator to switch. Its better than old style alt + tab switching , ill tell you that. To move back to chrome in full screen windows 8 app mode just drag the area with three dots to the extreme left.

Here is what it will look like.

windows 8 alt+tab

multitasking windows 8 app

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