Top 10 Android Keyboard Apps For

There are  many android keyboard apps available on Google Play Store. Both paid & free keyboard apps for android are loaded with various features and options but you are looking for the best keyboard are’nt you ?.  You might have a hard time choosing the best android keyboard among many, so we narrowed down the top 10 android keyboard apps for you.

Each keyboard is unique providing variety of features and its upto you to decide which one suits you the best. There are a few essential features to look for in a keyboard for your android smartphone.

  • It should be fast and responsive,
  • The Keys should be ergonimical to make typing faster.
  • Supports autocorrect & text prediction
  • Dictionary

Android Keyboard For Smarphones and Tablets

SwiftKey X android keyboard is winner of the global mobile awards for the most innovative keyboard in 2012. It is available for both android mobile devices and tablets. I call it the smart keyboard as it learns your language as you type and supports multiple languages. This keyboard is loaded with auto correction and text predictions due to which the typed text is outputted correctly. The SwiftKey X android keyboard offers 30 days free trial, for tablets download the SwiftKey Tablet X Keyboard.
Swype keyboard for android has recently gained popularity as an innovative keyboard. Instead of tapping the keys you just swype your finger across the word to type. It may take a day to get use to it, after that your fingers will glide over the keyboard, you will realize how fast it is than typing. Swype features all essentials like auto correct, dictionary, auto spacing & capitalization but what sets apart this keyboard is the gestures and shortcut support. Trace your finger from the swype key to initiate a gesture or shortcut. Swype android keyboard is currently in beta and can be fetched from official site. 
SlideIT Keyboard is like swype, just slide your fingers across letters to input text or choose to tap and type the regular way. This android keyboard has proved to be very accurate its Dasur’s pattern recognition engine maintains text input accuracy on sliding even if the slide path is a bit deviated. Besides that it has more features like speech to text, Keyboard resizing, predictive text, disambiguation, shortcuts, graffiti and keyboard skins. The Slide IT Keyboard offers a 15 days free trial and works with most of the android smartphones and tablets running android 4.0 ICS. 
Ultra Keyboard is a highly customizable android keyboard to adapt to your typing experience. It is loaded with tons of features, more than you can even imagine. Besides the essentials it has amazing features like toolbar, custom themes, word replacement which allows you to type brb while inputting “be right back” on screen, multi touch, speech to text, language translation, camera mode to see and type while on the move. The only downside is that it does not work with tablets, while it offers a 48hrs free trial. 
Smart Keyboard Pro is a light weight android keyboard app which has all the basic functions you would expect from a good keyboard app. It supports multiple languages and different keyboard layouts, the text prediction and auto correct is pretty smooth. You will find yourself typing in a continuous flow without any lags, overall provides a bettery typing experience then the stock android keyboard but no tablet support yet. The free trial offers all functions and features but with a interruption screen. 
A.I.type Keyboard is another superb android keyboard which is simple and fast. The speciality of this keyboard is its so called “Psychic word completions and predictions”, it knows what you are about to type next and it has a close to perfect text prediction technology which uses A.I.type’s servers on Cloud, which means internet connection is required, but if you are offline then the prediction will be done by the device which is common. Other features inculde themes, changing background images, fonts, keyboard layouts, cut, paste, redo buttons and indication whenever auto correction is applied. The trial version offers unlimited features except text prediction for 21 days, the only feature which brings life to this keyboard app. The tablet version of this keyboard is named FloatNSplit Tablet Keyboard. 
Go Keyboard is a free android keyboard app, its a popular app because firstly it has gestures to hide keyboard and change layout, dictionary, multiple launguages, auto correct, keyboard layouts, Emoji support, theming, multi touch input, slide to type, did i miss anything ?. Yes it has most of the great features we talked about earlier in the paid keyboard apps. And the second best part is that this android keyboard app is absolutely free. 
Keyboard from Android 2.3 is for those folks who are using and older android OS Froyo or dont like the stock keyboard on gingerbread. Keyboard from android 2.3 is a free android keyboard app which gives you the look and feel of a android 2.3 gingerbread keyboard. It is packed with all the basic features like auto correction, dictionary, multitouch, speech to text, plus additional 6 keyboard themes, key height, text size, row gap and bottom adjustment, smiley alternative, custom keytap volume and cursor keys. It even works on tablet devices. 
ICS Keyboard is the keyboard from the latest android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The ICS Keyboard app is free & ported by the developer to work with older android devices smoothly. Since its the orginal ICS android keyboard the functionality remains the same except you will notice bigger keys, faster response and the speech recognition works on android 2.2 or higher devices. To make app smaller in size and faster, the keyboard is integrated with english keyboard only and other launguages can be downloaded seperately. Enjoy the Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard on non ICS devices. 
iPhone Keyboard for android – A must try android keyboard app for android smartphones, brings the iphone keyboard to android. 

The above mentioned keyboards are the top trending and the most popular android keyboard apps, every keyboard has something unique to offer, you can just take a free trial to decide which suits you the best. If you have any other android keyboard app thats worth adding to this then do share it with us.

  • Pavan

    ICS Keyboard is the one which I use.. Excellent one.
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  • Kshitij jain

    i used swift keyboard and its awesome. Have also used swype keyboard, iphone keyboard, ICS keyboard, slide it keyboard and go keyboard, but i found swift as best in all of them.
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