Socialbox: Chat With Your Facebook Friends From Your Desktop.

Facebook is by far the largest social network on the planet, with over 500 billion active users it has become the most popular medium to communicate with our friends and family.

Its been a while since facebook chat was launched, after which many users preferred facebook chat for instant communication instead of Skype, Yahoo etc. But there are a few drawbacks of using built in chat like opened tabs take up screen space while chatting, if your are surfing on other tab you have to get back to facebook tab to chat, you have to login to facebook everytime you have to chat, sometimes you dont want a facebook window appear in the taskbar , specially when you are in office. Solution to this is a simple facebook desktop chat application “Socialbox”.

Socialbox is a facebook chat client with a very simple user interface. It is the simplest desktop facebook chat client i have come across. You can chat with your facebook friends with more convenience. It optionally alerts you when you receive a message and also when a friend comes online, goes offline or when a friend goes away, comes back. You can even set your online chat status to away if your are busy.

Socialbox Features:

  • Get IM notifications – Get notifications that you can’t miss.
  • No browser needed – Chat with Facebook friends from Socialbox.
  • See who’s online – See who is online and ready to chat with you.
  • Set your status – Set your online status from your desktop.

Socialbox is available for Mac and Windows. Socialbox is an Adobe AIR application, so you need to install Adobe AIR first. if you don’t have Adobe AIR you can get the latest version here.

Download Socialbox to chat with all your Facebook friends from your desktop.  Never miss a friend’s IM on Facebook again.

Update :

How to remove or change user on Socialbox:

Many users have this query so i am updating the post with the solution.

Change or Remove a user on socialbox:
1. Logout from socialbox of other user. Login to your facebook in browser.
2. Navigate to Accounts > Privacy settings.
3. On “Apps and Websites” click Edit settings.
4. Then you will see a list of Apps you use. Click on socialbox , then click remove app.
5. Now open Socialbox > Click connect with facebook
6. You will see a window. In the botton left corner > Click (Not You)
7. Now in the same window you will be asked for facebook login details.
8. Sign in with your correct account details. Allow Permission to socialbox. Thats it

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  • Anish K.S

    looking good, sure will try this.

    • Tushar

      Yes give it a try, its a light weight facebook chat client.

  • wisdom

    how can i download the socialbox?? please help me.

    • Tushar Agarwal

      Please install Adobe AIR first. Then visit <a href="” target=”_blank”> click install socialbox. Thats it.

  • Moira Dougall

    My niece accidentally added socialbox to her account on my pc. how can she delete it, so that i can add the socialbox to my account instead?

    • Tushar Agarwal

      Hello Moira,you asked a very good question, i must admit it took me a few minutes to figure this out, nothing about it is mentioned anywhere , even tried google.
      So here is the solution:
      1. Logout from socialbox of other user. Login to your facebook in browser.
      2. Navigate to Accounts > Privacy settings
      3. At the bottom left of page click Edit your settings
      4. Then you will see a list of Apps you use. Click on socialbox , then click remove app.
      5. Now open Socialbox > Click connect with facebook
      6. You will see a window. In the botton left corner > Click (Not You)
      7. Now in the same window you will be asked for facebook login details.
      8. Sign in with your correct account details. Allow Permission to socialbox. Thats it :)

      • heidi

        I have the same issue as Moira Dougall, but it will not let me logout when my mom's facebook permission pops up. I blocked it on her account and am logged in to my account when I am doing this.

  • clau

    y can`t download it:(

    • Tushar Agarwal

      Please install adobe air application first.

  • clau

    Y instal application…but stil don`t let me download

  • dyvisha

    nice i love it

  • Boel

    Hur får man videochatten att fungera???

    • Tushar Agarwal

      Hej Boel Klicka helt enkelt på den gröna video ikonen i chattfönstret för att ringa ett videosamtal.

  • Sui Ling

    I am profoundly deaf, please will you to be aware in Deaf belong language.

    Social box is not work through by say “Reconnection” and Face book is unavailable.

    Why Social box do is not work?

    I need your help?? Please. Who I contact with the person who know about Social box is how work?

    • Tushar Agarwal

      Hello Sui Ling, Socialbox had temporary problem. Socialbox is working now. Now you can also video chat. :)
      If still having problem tell me.

  • martin

    when ever anyone turnes on my computer,socialbox automatily comes if someone use my computer socialbox comes on and every one thinks im do i log outa social box

    • Tushar Agarwal

      Hello Martin, you should create a new user in your Windows "User Account" for others to use your computer. This way all your applications with your credentils will open only when you login to your User Account. Hope this solves your problem :)

  • Jens Eckervogt

    Hello dear Tushar, i need help because i can not get download from facebook Socialbox because i am using ubuntu 11.04 :( Please do not hurt dear pengiuns! How do i download manuelly? I have been installed Adobe Air x64 under Ubuntu. Work fine! Thanks…

    Regards, Jens

    • Tushar Agarwal

      Hello Jens, i am sorry but socialbox currently does not support ubuntu. Only mac and windows pc.

  • jodi

    Everythime I try to connect the social box app it tells me facebook is unavailable. I would really like to use this app, but can't get it to work.

  • azab ted

    good idea

  • Ahmed

    the best and helpfull

  • grandmarocam

    if someone else is logged on to socialbox and logs out, how do you log yourself in without having the program launch with the previous user on same computer. HELP

    • Tushar Agarwal

      Hello grandmarocam, i have updated the post with the solution to your problem. Thanks for commenting.
      You may like our facebook page and subscribe to techx64 via Email for future updates.

  • Ren

    I am wary of downloading anything that states "Facebook is by far the largest social network on the planet, with over 500 billion active users." There can't be 500 Billion users. The planet only has somewhere between 6 and 8 billion people on it. Every person on the planet would need at least 62 accounts each to make this statement true. That means either this thing is some sort of scam, or the people pimping it are completely inept and should not be programming software.

  • Jonathan Upton

    how can i stop social box from logging me in automatically when me or anyone else who clicks the connect with facebook button?

    • Tushar Agarwal

      Hello jonathan, to stop logging you in automatically, you will have to remove your account from socialbox, you can read the updated post on "How to remove or change user on Socialbox:"

      • Jonathan Upton

        I tried it but it didn't have a not you button and the log out button it gave me didn't actually log me out, then i hit don't allow still didn't do anything. Then i hit allow and it didn't even make me log in, I want it to make me log in at least to where I have to enter my password.

        • Tushar Agrawal

          Sorry Jonathan, socalbox does not have the provision like YM where you can manually enter password everytime.

          • Jonathan Upton

            Ohh, that sucks, socialbox should at least have the option. Just a suggestion to you or whoever runs it.

  • Ronald Jackson

    Social box is an intrusion in my life. I don't like it but I can't close or delete it. How do I GET IT OFF MY COMPUTER?

    • Tushar Agarwal

      Hello Ronald, you may simply uninstall socialbox from the Windows uninstaller.

  • donald

    im haveing trouble signing out a user on social box i get it to request info page but i see no (not me) on the bottem left side if the box i can't go any farther to sign in a diffrent account

  • aljaily




  • kundan singh

    social box for facebook is not being download. please tell me what is problemmmmmmmmmm…………………………

    • Tushar Agrawal

      Hello Kundan, its working, please try agan.

  • kns

    No linux Version…. :-#

    bye bye… I return to Pidgin!

  • Elaine

    I can chat on social box but every time we try to video chat it says that the chat has ended. I can see my self in small box and my mom sees herself It just does not connect us to see each other

  • Kenneth

    Socialbox never connects when i try to use it.Any advice?

    • Tushar Agrawal

      Hello, Kenneth what error do you get while connecting?. Also is your computer behind a firewall?

  • christopher hart

    I downloaded the socialbox app to my iPhone. The symbol has appeared, but when I tap it it doesn't launch

    • Tushar Agrawal

      Hello christopher, there is no official socialbox app for iPhone at the moment. An app named Socialbox was released but it was renamed to SocialPost.

  • Robert Owade Oluoch

    Socialbox is a convinient way to keep up with friends at all times.

    I want it on this computer.

  • pramod

    whean we logout from socialbox and i would like to loggin with another fb acount but it is not possible even i have followed abobe mention detalis —the left corner button not does't apear whean i click connect to fb one popup window apear along with existing user with two button 1 is login and 2-cancle only 'notyou' does not apear any wheare what can i do for this


    • Tushar Agrawal

      Hello pramod, make sure you have removed the socialbox app from the list of Apps you use before trying.

  • Elaine

    While on Socialbox my daughter can hear me but I can not hear her. Please itemize steps to make it so both sides can hear each other.
    Sound on computer is up.
    Sound on socialbox is not muted (blue in color)
    Sound (green) on socialbox is turned up

    • techx64blog

      Hello Elaine, your daughters mic is not selected as an input device on her computer. Go to Control Panel > Sounds > Recording tab to fix it.

  • fahmibilal

    How can I install social box on Facebook??? and are there any special requirements like Adobe air application.thank youforhelping me

    • techx64blog

      Hello , you need to install adobe air to use socialbox on your computer.

  • Janina Miletis

    I use SocialBox long time ago. I never had logout, but I did it the last day. Since then I can't login, always is written: "Facebook is unavailable. Please try again soon." It impossible to login and use the program. I've trided to setup again and again, I tried it either with Firefox and Chrome. I have no more idea. Please help me what to do. Thanks.

    • techx64blog

      Hello, Janina try reinstalling socialbox and sign in into facebook account.

  • bill xander

    when i post a response on social box (the floating box only) i see a double entry of my response. i don't think the receiver sees the doubling but it's annoying to me. how can i stop this?

  • Margie

    I used Socialbox on an old computer and never had a problem but when I switched to an updated older laptop I wasn’t able to connect with facebook. I now have a new laptop and tried installing it – have removed it from both fb and my computer and reinstalled – looked like it was connecting and continually gives me the message that “Facebook is unavailable” … Am I missing something ???