Scan Available WiFi Networks In Your Area Using inSSIDer

In terms of wireless internet connectivity, Wifi is the most popular and widely used high speed medium to connect our computers, laptops and other devices. With Wifi access users can easily connect to internet and other wireless networks just like as they would use the LAN.

Windows OS has the capability to scan and connect to the Wifi networks, but it has some drawbacks like it does not show you hidden Wifi networks and if there are many Wifi networks available then it does not show you the detailed info so that you may choose and connect to the best Wifi network.

Scan surrounding Wifi Networks with inSSIDer

inSSIDer is a free Wifi network scanner software which has the capability to scan the nearby Wifi hotspots and show detailed results of the scanned Wifi networks including the networks which are hidden. InSSIDer is also useful for causal and professional users who want to troubleshoot the Wifi Network problems.

Get detailed info of available Wifi Networks

To retreive the Wifi network information you dont need any other hardware as inSSIDer uses the Native Wi-Fi API and the current Wireless network card. It shows the signal strength and a time graph to analyse any variations in the signal. It also highlights important values like mac address, Wifi channel, WLAN speed and type of security for each Wifi hotspot. If a Wifi network is currently not available then you can also check as when was the first and the last time the network was available.

As inSSIDer shows the list of available Wifi networks, you can further choose to sort results according to MAC Address, SSID, Channel, Privacy, RSSI and “Time Last Seen”. To make it more easiler to analyse the signal strength is mapped on the Time Graph with each graph line in different colour, representing each Wifi Network.

My Wifi troubleshooting experience

The capabilities of inSSIDer to troubleshoot the Wifi problems are amazing. It happened to me one time when my home Wifi network suffered with frequent slowdowns and delay in opening webpages, sometimes my laptop took more then usual time to connect to the home Wifi network. This is the first time i used inSSIDer to troubleshoot my problem, when i ran the inSSIDer program it showed me five other Wifi networks in the area and all the detailed information of each access point was displayed.

Soon i realised that three among five Wifi networks were on the same channel, which is wrong because if two or more WiFi networks are on the same channel then a frequency interference will occur and the solution is to change your access point’s channel. So i changed the Wifi channel on my router and my Wifi network was again working fine and thats how inSSIDer saved the day.

In public area or home inSSIDer is the best free Wifi network scanner and troubleshooting tool.

Download inSSIDer 2.0 for Windows (Works with Windows Vista, Windows 7,  both 32 and 64-bit versions.)

Download inSSIDer 2.0 for Linux