Rainmeter Skin – Get Windows Phone 7 Tiles On Your Desktop With Omnimo

Rainmeter is the best way to customize your windows desktop and make it look outstanding. What cannot you do with rainmeter skin, display system stats, display RSS feeds, add unique clocks, launch apps and endless possibilities for desktop customization. Earlier we also told you about interesting rainmeter clocks to add to your desktop.

After that many developments took place as the Rainmeter 2.2 for windows was released which added new ways to customize your windows desktop including new functions and features. Recently i discovered a way to get windows phone 7 tiles or the Windows 8 startscreen on Windows desktop. It is a rainmeter skin which makes your desktop look amazing and productive.

Omnimo UI Rainmeter Skin

Omnimo UI rainmeter skin is inspired from Windows Phone 7 tiles user interface. It adds similar tiles to your windows desktop making it more useful, productive and appealing desktop. The tiles can be setup to shows various information about your system, shortcut to applications, rss feeds, play music and more.

When you first install the Omnimo UI you can choose to setup the Omnimo desktop as Windows Phone 7 interface or even replicate Windows 8 startscreen interface, later you can customize the tiles as per your liking. The customizations with this rainmeter skin are limitless.

You can download Omnimo UI addon packs which include Windows Phone 7 type tiles like Entertainment, News/Info, Pictures, Time, Weather etc. All the tiles from the addon packs will be added to Omnimo theme menu in rainmeter after which you can choose tiles to add to your desktop. You can read the complete Omnimo UI customization guide for rainmeter and setup your desktop.

Installing Omnimo rainmeter skin

First you need to download and install rainmeter 2.2 or higher version, then Omnimo UI addon packs and run the Setup.rmskin file to install the rainmeter skin afer which you will be presented with a menu to customize your Omnimo tiles.