How to speed up Chrome Web Browser?

Google Chrome web browser is preferred by many internet users as it provides a secure, simple and a fast way to browse and experience the power of internet. Google Chrome is getting popular as one of the fastest and feature loaded web browsers available on the internet. Significant improvements were made to Chrome since its first release and recently chrome webstore was also released which allows you to use various apps and extensions to boost your web productivity and experience the web in a different way.

Internet explorer is still used by most users but for a better, faster web browsing experience and extensions support only two browsers are popular which are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Mozilla Labs is still working on Firefox to make it the fastest web browser but for now Google Chrome has the lead. But if we talk about practical usage then sometimes even Google Chrome might feel slow due to low system specs or heavy web browsing and obvisously if you are on a slow internet connection. So we tell you some tips to speed up chrome which will provide a better web browsing experience and make google chome run faster.

Tips to Speed up Chrome Browser

  • Enable hardware acceleration – Enabling hardware acceleration can speed up google chrome as it takes advantage of your GPU for accelerated web page rendering, which otherwise is done by the cpu. To enable hardware acceleration and speed up chrome simply run the latest version of Google Chrome > In the search bar enter “about:flags” and enable “GPU Accelerate Composition” and “GPU Accelerated Canvas 2D”. Restart Google Chrome.
  • Disable ads  – Disabling Ads will speed up chrome and load web pages faster. It also provides a pleasant web browsing experience without annoying ads. Install the Ad Block Extension on Google Chrome to block ads on web pages. This ad blocking addon is also availble for Firefox.
  • Disable Images on a slow internet connection – If you are using a slow internet connection and dont mind ignoring images on web pages then you can disable images to speed up chrome. Doing such will display web pages as text only and will significantly boost the web page loading on Chrome. Head over to Google Chrome options > select Under the Hood on the left menu > Content settings >  select Do not show any images. You can always revert it back when needed.
  • Remove unwanted chrome extensions – The more chrome extensions you install the more resource hogger chrome browser gets and eventually slows down web browsing. It is always advisable to install and keep only the essential Google Chrome Extensions, you should always remove unwanted and unecessary chrome extensions. Go to Chrome options > Extensions to manage them.
  • Disallow popups – Pop-ups are very annoying during web browsing. Pop-ups consume extra bandwidth and makes your webpage load slower. To speed up chrome browsing you should turn off Pop-ups from the chrome options. Go to Chrome options > Under the hood > content settings > select “Do not allow any site to show pop-ups (recommended)”.
  • Keep Google Chrome updated –  And lastly you should always make sure you are using the latest version of Google Chrome. The updates and latest releases contain many fixes and feature addons that may speed up chrome browser.

Download the latest version of Google Chrome and follow the above tips to speed up chrome. Have a faster and a better web browsing experience.

  • Kuldeep Khatri

    Great tips! Will use them all to speed up my browser!