How To Hide Photos On iPhone Camera Roll & Albums

If you are one of those who like to keep their iphone photos private then we know just the perfect cydia app that can easily hide photos on iphone and make photos app look empty. The camera roll and all other albums will simply be invisible to all the users, this is very handy if your work buddies or friends often use your phone and you obviously cant refuse them to hand over the phone.

Every photo taken from your iPhone goes directly into the camera roll album and most of the users will agree to that all the photos on iPhone are not for everyone’s eyes. Thats where alternate solutions come in, one way is to install another decent photo app and transfer all the photos you wish to keep private on it or the best way would be to simply hide photos on iphone at the push of a button.

Hiding Photos on iPhone with Photo Enhancer cydia app

Photo Enhancer is cool cydia app that can hide photos on iphone from the stock photos app. The photo enhancer free cydia app is available from ModMyi repo. After installing the app you will need to setup password and optionally setup other options for enhanced secrecy.

On initial install the default password is left blank so you need to set it by going into Settings => Photo Enhancer => Password Protection. Leave the current password column and enter the “new password” and tap change. Now lets hide the photos on iphone.

To hide the photos on iphone, run the stock photos app, tap edit button and tap hide in the top left corner. You will notice that the camera roll album and all other created albums will be empty with no items. If you wish to hide the camera roll showing empty album then turn on the “Full Lock Mode” from photo enhancer settings.

To unhide photos back on iphone, run the photos app, tap edit and then tap show, it will ask you to enter the password which you set earlier, after which all the photos with albums will be visible. This process barely takes a few seconds without having to access any other app or settings, using this you can instantly hide photos on iphone photos app.

Now many of you must be thinking why not use app blocker to prevent access to photos app. Well you can use that but doing such would create suspicion & you cant refuse to give password to people close to you, so its better to hide the photos on iphone camera roll . Whats not visible doesn’t exist.

Photo enhancer cydia tweak is a great way to hide photos on iphone, all you need is a jailbroken iphone or iPod touch.